Eskişehir Green Crescent Consultancy Center Has Opened

Eskişehir Branch of Green Crescent Consultancy Center (YEDAM), which provides free of charge and outpatient service and is developed intrinsic to Turkey, has put into service with a ceremony to which Green Crescent President Prof. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk and Green Crescent Board Member Dr. Esra Albayrak attended.

Green Crescent, which sets an example to the World with its role model practices in the fight against addictions, continues to empower and disseminate the practice of outpatient treatment and therapy model of Green Crescent Consultancy Center (YEDAM) across the country.   

YEDAM which started its first service as a call center with its 444 79 75 Counseling Hotline in 2015, started the service of its Eskişehir headquarters in Odunpazarı district with the attendance of Green Crescent President Prof. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk and Green Crescent Board Member Dr. Esra Albayrak. Attendants to the ceremony included Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak, Ak Parti Eskişehir Deputy Nabi Avcı, Eskişehir Deputy and European Council Parliamentary Assembly Turkish Group Member Emine Nur Günay, and Eskişehir Deputy Harun Karacan.

Prof. Dr. Öztürk indicated that because there was a lack of an integral psychological support mechanism for addicted individuals in Turkey, the example practices around the world were analyzed first “We have actualized the Green Crescent Consultancy Center which is an outpatient support service intrinsic to Turkey. Through YEDAMs, senior psychologists and social service experts are providing counseling and rehabilitation services to addicts and their relatives. Considering the time past, numbers reveal just how important this kind of structure is for our country. In YEDAM, we will do whatever necessary to save addicts and their relatives from addiction. YEDAM is a place for embrace.”  He further indicated that by the end of 2018 YEDAMs received more than 50 thousand calls, and executed around 5000 face to face sessions.

Prof. Dr. Öztürk said, indicating there are Green Crescent Consultancy Centers in Düzce, Antalya, Urfa, and 4 in İstanbul, “The YEDAM we have opened in Eskişehir should be seen as an indication that our strength in the fight against addiction will continue to grow in the future as it did in the past. Because Green Crescent is the only NGO in the world which is fighting against 5 addiction types, and is being seen as a role model by other NGOs of the world with its practices such as Turkish Addiction Model. Furthermore, I would like to share that we are close as a phone call to everyone who need us.” And stated they are planning to disseminate the YEDAMs across Turkey with at least 1 center in every province.

What goes on in YEDAM?            

In YEDAM providing free of charge outpatient service in addiction related issues with senior psychologists and social service experts;

  • The addiction level of alcohol-substance user is determined,
  • Support is provided to help cease alcohol-substance use,
  • The methods to prevent relapse is taught,
  • If there are accompanying psychological issues (anger management, anxiety disorder, etc.) psychological support is provided,
  • Families are informed on how to behave,
  • Additionally, counselees are visited at their homes to track progress.
  • For more information about YEDAM enter or call 444 79 75

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