Our Purpose and Activities


The Society was founded at a time when Turkey was witnessing rapid moral and cultural development, and took on the task of struggling against addictions that were detrimental to the physical and mental health of society and young people, such as those related to tobacco, alcohol and other such substances. It has expanded its focus in time to address and struggle against other harmful habits that threaten society and young people, such as gambling, the Internet and technology addictions, while at the same time educating generations that are loyal to their national culture.

In its struggle against addiction, the Green Crescent Society catalyses the public awareness, power and resources; helps people in need, under any circumstances, in any place and at any time, in accordance with its goal of protecting human honor and dignity; and makes constant contributions to the development of public capacity to struggle against addictions.
With this goal in mind, the Green Crescent Society develops cooperation and hand-in-hand activities with both national and international public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Working Areas

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Tobacco addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Technology addiction


  • In its activities, Green Crescent applies the Center of Excellence Model, a global standard in quality management, and meets the social needs, expectations and demands of its members, volunteers and stakeholders with this vision.
  • In its struggle against addiction, Green Crescent conducts research and development activities using scientific and evidence-based methods, and creates and implements projects based on the obtained results.
  • Green Crescent supports scientific and academic studies. Green Crescent’s documentation center publishes newspapers, journals, books and bulletins through Yeşilay Yayınları (Green Crescent Publications).
  • Green Crescent aims constantly to reach a wider audience by strengthening its member and volunteer network and enhancing its activities, both in Turkey and abroad.
  • Green Crescent considers written and visual media, the Internet and social media networks to be active arenas in the struggle against addiction, and uses these platforms to convey its messages to all segments of the society.
  • By opening Green Crescent Clubs in primary and secondary schools, high schools and universities as a means of increasing its presence in educational institutions, Green Crescent raises awareness among young people and adolescents about abstention and addiction.
  • Green Crescent cooperates with public institutions and organizations in the preparation of curricula for formal and informal educational institutions as part of its struggle against addiction, creates face-to-face and distance learning content, and actively participates in education channels as a means of preventing addiction.
  • It also cooperates with international organizations with similar concerns. It leads the establishment of Green Crescents abroad.
  • Green Crescent participates or takes a lead role in the formation of international umbrella organizations targeting the struggle against addiction at a global level.
  • The organization aspires to increase public awareness through advocacy studies that are conducted with the aim of developing the necessary legal legislation to support the struggle against addiction.
  • It organizes activities and events throughout Turkey to raise awareness on addiction.

It carries out joint projects and activities with the participation of concerned public institutions and organizations. Green Crescent takes part in national and international unions, umbrella organizations and federations, and effectively cooperates with all of its shareholders.