What are the Membership Requirements?

  • Anyone who adopts the principles, values, goals, objectives of the Green Crescent, who does not consume tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs, and who struggles with them can become a member of the Green Crescent.
  • Those willing to be a member should apply to the branch in the province/district where they reside. In the case of a change of residence address, the member should inform the Green Crescent, and the membership is transferred to the branch nearest to the new address. If a member would like revoke his/her membership, s/he should submit a written resignation document to the branch.
  • Members who behave in contradiction with the provisions specified in the Green Crescent Constitution may be removed from membership with the decision of the board of directors of the relevant branch. Branches are responsible for the detection and notification to the Headquarters of such a situation.
  • The annual membership fee is 60 TRY and shall be paid within the relevant year.

What Does a Green Crescent Member Do?

  • Members may contact the branch with which they are affiliated to carry out studies in line with the principles and objectives of the Green Crescent and participate in promotional, fundraising, and other types of events.
  • They may also participate in the meetings and works of various units of the branch and perform the duties assigned to them.
  • They may convey their opinions about local and countrywide issues regarding addiction-related works that fall within the remit of the Green Crescent to relevant units of the Green Crescent. They strive in solidarity with the local people for the solution of local problems, in line with the program of the Green Crescent.
  • They try to gain the support of the benevolent citizens, who are loved, trusted, and effective within their environment.
  • They contribute to the Green Crescent in making a financial income by paying the membership fee.

How is an Application for Green Crescent Membership Made?

  • To become a member of the Green Crescent, you can choose our branch nearest to your resident address and fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM or start your membership application process by applying directly to our branches. Please read the  Constitution of the Green Crescent before registry process.
  • * Along with the membership application form, applicants are required to submit copy of Identity Document, three passport photographs, approved certificate of residence, criminal record, and documents (member ID, reference letter, etc.) showing the applicant's membership to other associations and unions, if any.