Who is a Volunteer?

Volunteering is defined as the support provided by an individual to a social initiative or activities of a non-governmental organization (NGO), to serve just willingly and believingly with no thought of financial or other gains in order to improve the quality of life of individuals other than his/her family or immediate environment or more generally, to achieve a goal that is considered beneficial for the community.

Individuals who are knowledgeable, experienced, energetic, tolerant, sharer, skilled in human relations, professional approacher, and interested in undertaking responsibility, as well as individuals who want to do something for the community even if they do not have such qualifications, can be a volunteer. The first and indispensable attribute that a volunteer should have is that s/he sincerely “volunteers”.

Volunteering contributes to an individual in terms of feeling pleasure, enriching spiritually, improving self-confidence, increasing teamwork skills, enhancing social position, and finding a new environment, friendships, and new interests.

Volunteer for an NGO

  • Receiving support from volunteers is an indicator of the success of an NGO.
  • Working with volunteers increases the recognition of an NGO and ensures its services and works being noticed by society. Volunteers are, in a sense, the representatives of NGOs, who penetrated into the society, ensuring communication between NGOs and the community.
  • Volunteers also ensure services of NGOs be more effective. For example, if devoted works of the volunteers are witnessed by the service recipients, the influence of the relevant NGO would increase.
  • Projects that are carried out with limited budgets and difficulties by NGOs may become easier with the support of volunteers.
  • The support provided by volunteers is also a factor that encourages professional teams working at NGOs. A volunteer coordinator is a facilitator and practitioner in such implementations.

Volunteering in the Green Crescent

We want to carry out our activities with the support of our volunteers. It is aimed that a generation free from addictions is raised by transferring the knowledge and experience gained to all segments of the society, especially the young people, with the support of role model people, who have comprehensive knowledge about the mission and vision of the Green Crescent, who can share their time, knowledge and experience, and who have a sense of social responsibility.

The activities that we carry out together with our volunteers raise the awareness of civil society and ensure that people taking part in the works that are beneficial to the society while they spend quality time and participating in the processes.

Such activities also increase the level of our volunteers’ awareness and ensure their personal development in many areas, especially struggle with addictive substances.

Volunteer works in training courses are carried out through “Green Crescent Clubs”.

Volunteer Application Form

Those who are willing to volunteer can make applications via "Online Application" webpage or by filling out the "Voluntary Application Form" at our branches and activity points.

What Can You Do as a Volunteer?

The Green Crescent provides its volunteers with the opportunity to work as Activity Volunteer, Trainer Volunteer, or Supportive Volunteer in various commissions in line with their knowledge, skills, experience, and preferences.

Event Commission
You can take part in field activities that are organized by the Event Unit and carried out through commissions.

Training Commission
Training of Trainer Volunteers: They receive training of trainers training within the scope of the Addiction Prevention Training Program of Turkey and support the delivery of appropriate training courses according to age groups.
Trainer Volunteers: They provide support as trainers for the delivery of Basic Volunteer Training and Activity Volunteer Training to volunteers.

Communication Commission
In this commission, you can provide support for the events related to communication activities at Green Crescent’s activity points (stand promotions, relations with local media, etc.).

Project Commission
You can provide support for project- and organization-based events at Green Crescent’s activity points.

Support Commission
You can support the Green Crescent in areas other than training activities.

Sport Commission
Supporter Volunteers: By participating in sports competitions, you can contribute to Green Crescent’s visibility activities.
Athlete Volunteers: You can contribute to organizing sports events and tournaments with the participation of volunteers interested in various sports branches.

Culture & Art Commission
You can take part in culture and arts events, courses and exhibitions