General Information

What is addiction?

Addiction must be bisected as addictive personality and behavioral addiction. Addicted people ar..

What are symptoms of addiction?

The constant desire for the same behavior is the most significant symptom of addiction. If we co..

Is there a difference between being inveterate and being addicted?

When we consider addiction, we generally refer to a negative situation. However, being inveterat..

Are addictive substances solely damage the person who use them?

Some youngsters think that using drugs is just harmful to them and others should not intervene t..

How can we keep our children away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco?

It can be possible by developing healthy life skills, supporting them, spending more time with t..

What kind of family structure lay the ground for addiction?

First example of dependency is the dependent relation between mothers and their kids. Kids, whos..

Do just problem children or weakling tend to become addicted?

It is not totally possible to detect the weaklings. The families with problems is a factor for c..

Which do parental attitudes lay the ground for dropping, drinking alcohol and smoking?

It is parents who do not set the boundaries, do not have any ideas about what their kids are doi..

What should parents do in order to keep their children away from addiction?

Parents should be good role models and act accordingly. Not being alcoholic is not sufficient, b..

Can prohibitions create a counter-effect regarding curiosity of people?

Sometimes, prohibitions can have counter-effect. The more there are prohibitions the more people..

How can parents figure out if their kids are addicted?

Parents can find out their children’s addiction in various ways. In some case, they may find cig..

Is it possible to treat addiction?

Addiction regarding addicted is hard to treat but not impossible. If we regard addiction as beha..

Must the treatment of addiction be done on the condition of willingness of addicted?

In the treatment, the willingness and motivation of addicted is important for sure however, th..

Which one is more effective outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment in treatment of addiction?

The treatment of addicted does not have to be an inpatient addiction. The decision about which..

How to protect the addicted from relapse after the treatment?

In order to prevent relapse after a treatment period, the addicted needs to stay away from the s..

What should I do if my friend is addicted?

We should get panic in such a situation. First, we need to understand what we should not to do..

Do young people forced to drink alcohol or take drugs?

Youngsters are not never being forced to take drugs or drink alcohol. Within the relation betw..

Is there a difference between men and women regarding substance abuse? If so why?

There are certain differences between men and women in terms of using drugs, how they started ..