What should parents do in order to keep their children away from addiction?

Parents should be good role models and act accordingly. Not being alcoholic is not sufficient, because kids already do not take alcoholic parents as role model. On the contrary, we know that children who raised by alcoholic parents, hate alcohol more. But, drinking alcohol within family because of various reasons, representation of alcohol as an appropriate product to consume, creation of drinking culture for the children may lead them to drink alcohol. It may turn to be an addiction in the future if there is a genetic susceptibility or in the case of drinking under too much pressure.

On the other hand, the communication between parents and children is very significant. Those who do not have good communication with their parents such as being humiliated, being despised, not to get any credit for what you have done, being criticized, more tend to use drugs and drink alcohol. Opposite of that the ones, who are spoiled too much, not limited at all and who can spend as much as time outside they want, also tend to use drugs and drink alcohol.