Can prohibitions create a counter-effect regarding curiosity of people?

Sometimes, prohibitions can have counter-effect. The more there are prohibitions the more people would be curious about it. Therefore, some terms need to be matured for states to consider them for prohibitions. At this point, the important point is that if it is already forbidden and people are curious about it, this situation would cause even more curiosity about it. By doing that, states would trigger curiosity. That is the reason why, generally legal regulations come after behavioral changes. First people become inveterate and then legal regulations prohibit inveterateness.

The point needs to be emphasized is that it should not be legal regulations which make people to retract but their own resistance. If people succeed to retract due to their own resistance, they may not be addicted. If one stops to take drugs because of legal regulation, he/she will develop addiction to another drug after a while. The way to overcome addiction is to strengthen the internal resistance and to activate them. Therefore, legal regulations can be effective as much as they serve to activate the internal resistance of people.