What is Addiction ?

Addiction must be bisected as addictive personality and behavioral addiction. Addicted people are the ones who are addicted to an object, anyone or anything and think that they cannot live without them. Behavioral addiction is about a specific type of behavior or action which is done constantly and repeatedly. Addictive personality is a characteristic of addicted people who are depended to somebody else and think that they cannot live without them.

Sometimes their dependence can reach to a certain point that it may harm the other person. These addicted people are the ones who think as ‘if I cannot have you, no one can’ because they consider the presence of a certain person so crucial that they cannot live without them, if they have to live without them, their lives would be meaningless. Whereas behavioral addiction has some essential features, one of these is repetition and developing a higher level of tolerance. Therefore, addicted continue to repeat the same behavior and develop tolerance for it. For instance, smoking addiction is a behavior which has constant desire for smoking and smoking more due to the idea that not being able to live without cigarette.