How to protect the addicted from relapse after the treatment?

In order to prevent relapse after a treatment period, the addicted needs to stay away from the situations, environment, which would trigger his/her desire for drugs and people who would make him/her to take drug again. The addicted does not always think about using drugs, but there are certain things that stimulate the desire of addicted. From then on the addicted who has not been thinking about taking drugs, starts to think otherwise. Excuses such as ‘it is just onetime thing’, ‘I was not addicted in the first place’ and ‘I proved myself that I am not addicted because I have not been taking drugs for months so I will take one and quit’ start to be made by addicted. Unfortunately, once they start to take again, they are addicted again.

For this reason, prevention of the relapsing of drugs is very significant. Therefore, the addicted needs to stay away from environment which can trigger taking drugs. The addicted may claim that he/she is no longer taking drugs but when he/she hangs out with friends who are taking, he/she can restrain himself/herself for a while but eventually it will end by taking drugs.