Must the treatment of addiction be done on the condition of willingness of addicted?

In the treatment, the willingness and motivation of addicted is important for sure however, the attitude of close circle is also important for creation of consent and motivation. Frequently made mistake: family and close friends cover up his/her problems caused by addiction, compensate for his/her problems and pick up after him/her. Later, they tell addicted ‘not to drink or use’ it. In this situation, just addicted has fun not the ones surround him/her. Under such case addicted does not want to quit. Therefore, one should let the addicted face all negative consequences by himself/herself directly.

For instance, a drunk can pass out at the outside of the house, vomit anyplace and carried by his/her family or friends and still may not remember any of this in the morning. After all these advising addicted to stop using drug would not be effective. Instead people surrounding addicted should warn him/her without hurting his/her feelings and tell him/her that they would not continue to cover up all negative consequences of addiction for him/her in the future, if families and friends succeed to stand firm, they can motivate addicted for a change.