Our Principles of Corporate Management

The Green Crescent serves in accordance with ethical values, honoring the main principles of international corporate management as follows:

Volunteer Professionalism

Green Crescent staff carry out all their activities with volunteering motivation while keeping social benefits in mind and adopting a professional approach.

Effective Management

The Green Crescent effectively uses its assets and resources in line with the principles of good management and in accordance with its goals and targets.


The Green Crescent presents adequate, accurate and comparable financial, real and economy-related information in a timely, tangible and comprehensible manner.


The Green Crescent clearly defines its management rules and responsibilities and adopts principles of transparency and openness in line with its sense of social responsibility.


The Green Crescent ensures that its activities and services are in line with the core principles of the movement of which it is a member, the relevant national and international legislation, in-house regulations, and social and ethical values.

Justice and Equality

The Green Crescent management team adopts an equal and unprejudiced approach in all of their activities with third persons.

Healthy Work

The Green Crescent provides the required support to protect the physical and mental health of its staff, especially in terms of their work-life balance.  The Green Crescent considers the healthy work approach as a significant achievement and carries out the necessary works to popularize this approach throughout Turkey.