Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Addicta is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes studies on addictions. The journal serves as a platform for international and interdisciplinary unique scientific studies and the promotion of qualified discussions on the subject of addiction, and seeks to contribute to the development of addiction-related policies in Turkey. Published studies are expected to have technical adequacy and to make novel and authentic contributions to the discussions on addiction. The aim is thus to contribute to the establishment of knowledge from which individuals and/or institutions can benefit for their studies on addiction in Turkey.

Addicta contains original articles, experimental and clinical studies, policy analyses, case studies and book reviews in various fields, including health sciences, public health, criminology, forensic medicine, nursing, toxicology, psychiatry, sociology, psychology, psychology of religion, educational sciences, law, communication, philosophy, social services and other related fields.

Addiction is a relapsing disorder that thus requires long-term treatment. Psychosocial rehabilitation makes it possible for people who have developed impaired social functions due to addiction to gain the necessary skills for reintegration into society and begins after the early recovery period. It is one of the requirements of recovery through which people with addictions acquire individual and social skills after detoxification, and also contains elements in support of social integration. There are many interventions applied under the name of psychosocial rehabilitation. This special issue aims to compare the effectiveness of different practices, and to ensure the dissemination of psychosocial rehabilitation in accordance with scientific evidence.

Articles to be submitted for this special issue may include researches and book reviews on the following subjects and/or different themes, provided that they fall under the main theme of “Psychosocial Rehabilitation”:

  • Outpatient psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Inpatient psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Long-term psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Short-term psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation of behavioral addictions
  • Pharmacological treatment in psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Gender differences in psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation and the family
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation of children and adolescents

Addicta welcomes contributions from researchers engaged in humanities, social sciences and medicine, and articles written with an interdisciplinary perspective. The deadline for the submission of articles is October 31, 2022. 

Authors are expected to send their articles through our online submission platform: please note that articles sent via mail or e-mail will not be considered.

Articles sent for publication in the journal should be prepared in accordance with the journal guidelines, which can be found at

We look forward to your participation in this special issue. You can contact Prof. Kültegin Ögel, our Guest Editor, at with any questions, and Asst. Prof. Duygu Dinçer, Mental Health & Addictions Section Editor at Addicta, via regarding the editorial process. 

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