Green Crescent Wins Turkey’s Best Employer Award

Green Crescent Wins Turkey’s Best Employer Award

Continuing to maintain its efforts to counter addictions for more than a century, Green Crescent received the “Kincentric Best Employer” Award in 2021. Recipients of the award are selected following evaluations of employee commitment, as well as agility, leadership, and skill indices, with the award being presented according to the outcome of employee assessments.

Green Crescent President Professor Mücahit Öztürk said that they were delighted to be receiving the award from such a globally recognized reputable organization, stating:
“Green Crescent has been maintaining its campaign against the independence of our people and humanity for more than a century. As an NGO that seeks to make Turkey an exemplary country in the prevention of addiction and the dissemination of its mission throughout the rest of the world, we have formulated our “Human Assets” policy in line with our assets and goals while adopting an international business model and methodology. As one of the leading civil society organizations in the world, we draw strength from the heartfelt contributions made by our employees and their perception of professional volunteerism. We characterize the process that we have established in accordance with our human resources vision, which has the development of our manpower at its heart, and strive to develop practices that serve as an example to other national and international civil society organizations; and employee satisfaction as “human assets.”

Green Crescent’s approach to professional volunteerism brings in an award

Noting that they had raised awareness of professional volunteerism by reaching out to all layers of the organization through group works, project-based tasks and organizational learning, Öztürk remarked, “We believe that this approach that we have taken has contributed significantly to our selection for this award. This is how we make sure that all members of our team feel the spirit of being part of Green Crescent, and realize the importance of the contributions they make to the creation of healthy generations.” 

We always support employee development

Green Crescent provides its employees with opportunities for professional and personal development through the training programs it organizes, which are based on the principles of development and continuous learning as part of its organizational structure. Performance management, which begins with the recruitment process, contributes to the development of the Association by taking advantage of assessment and evaluation systems on its journey toward the prevention of addiction, creating more added value and a better and healthier world.

The global Best Employers Program has been implemented in 78 different fields for 20 years. The program has been implemented in Turkey since 2006, and is characterized as the research on workplaces with the broadest participation in Turkey. The evaluation for the award is performed by taking account of speaking positively about the Association, willingness to be a part of the team, high commitment demonstrated by making efforts for the employing organization as well as agility for employees who can rapidly adapt themselves to changing conditions, and demonstrating a clear vision for managers by supporting employees and focusing on skills requiring the utilization of leadership and talent at the maximum level.