The Green Crescent Website Has Won National And International Awards

The Green Crescent Website Has Won National And International Awards

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Green Crescent was granted 3 awards from 2 award programs with its new website. The new website that was activated on March 1st celebrating the 100th anniversary of Green Crescent was granted the first prize in the “Social Responsibility” category at the 18th Altın Örümcek Web Awards and the “People’s Favorite” award was given with popular voting while also being the “Best in Class” in “Advocacy” category at 2020 Interactive Media Awards. At both contests Green Crescent received the full score for design, content, functionality, user-friendliness, and compliance with standards criteria.
General Manager of Green Crescent Sultan Işık noted that as Green Crescent they are happy with being awarded for their works and continued by saying: “This year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary and working steadfastly for a century to put our signature under exemplary works. This period is very valuable for Green Crescent to enhance communication, and especially amid the pandemic digital channels are actively used and gained importance. We are very proud that our works within this scope are appreciated; that our success in corporate activities and communication is awarded in national and international programs. We will continue to work to crown our 100th anniversary with new awards.”

'People’s Favorite' award proves the place Green Crescent occupies in hearts

Amid the pandemic, Green Crescent carried its works to digital channels and aimed at facilitating access to such works with the new website it presented with a user-friendly, plain, and modern design. Işık noted that they use the website as a base to ensure the public can reach all their works and continued by saying: “We think that this outlook is what brought us the 'People’s Favorite' award as a non-governmental organization. The votes we received are also important by demonstrating our works as Green Crescent are echoed in the society. We would like to thank everyone who set their hearts on Green Crescent and deemed us worthy of this award.” Following the renewal, website traffic was also substantially increased and the number of visitors that was around 45,000 in June 2019 increased by 55 percent to 69,000 in June 2020.

Altın Örümcek Web Awards that reward successful projects using internet, digital marketing and mobile technologies have been organized annually to promote successful projects using web and internet technologies better and ensure that they receive the value they deserve. On the other hand, The Interactive Media Awards (IMA), evaluate websites based on criteria such as design, content, usability, feature functionality and user-friendliness.