M.Nurullah Atalan


M. Nurullah Atalan

Born in 1974 in Diyarbakır, M. Nurullah Atalan obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Yıldız Technical University.
He worked for around 20 years as an administrator in various institutions such as Koç University, Özyeğin University and Kadir Has University that serve different groups and localities, and understand the tendencies and trends of the young generation, for which synergistic management is of great importance. Atalan has always sought to create added value for society, making use of the competencies and experiences he acquired in his business life.
In 2017, he was employed as the Manager of the Administrative Affairs Department of Green Crescent, a leading civil society organization in Turkey, and went on to serve as the Deputy General Manager of Green Crescent in 2019, and then as the General Manager of the Green Crescent Foundation in 2020. Since August 2020, he has been serving as the General Manager of Green Crescent.
He has developed deep expertise in the management of large organizations through the management model and leadership training he has undertaken, and has been involved in several corporate social responsibility projects throughout his career.
Atalan is passionate about basketball, and has played the sport as a registered amateur in the past.  He is married, and aside from his native Turkish, M. Nurullah Atalan also speaks English.