Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy defines the basic principles and approaches from which all our current and potential employees benefit.

The target of our HR policy is to support the establishment of a corporate working environment in which our determined principles and approaches are implemented in line with the Green Crescent corporate vision, mission, strategy, values and culture. Therefore, we, as the Human Resources Department of the Green Crescent;

  • Take care of the social good;
  • Comply with legal and other requirements;
  • Know that our actions, or lack thereof, have consequences both inside and outside the organization, and apply the utmost effort to the creation of an appropriate “employer brand”;
  • Respect human rights and observe the principle of equality in our interactions with all our employees;
  • Act fairly and offer equal opportunities in all Human Resources activities, namely in the content of the posts made during the recruitment process, in the recruitment process, in individual performance evaluations with positive or negative results, in career planning, in promotions and appointments, in the provision of training and development opportunities to employees, and in the wage policy applied;
  • Take assessment & evaluation techniques as the basis for the definitions of practices to ensure equal opportunities in all Human Resources processes. We evaluate employees based on their performance according to our corporate values and their contributions to the effectiveness of our processes, and offer them equal opportunities for development;
  • Ensure the work-life balance, and base all of practices we carry out for our employees on the fulfillment of the roles within the organization, in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities (For example, maternity/school leave given to parents, etc.);
  • Base our recruitment process on the principle of equal opportunities, and carry out all related processes according to the criteria defined for the procedure. Our aim is to appoint the most suitable people to vacant positions, and to this end, we make job offers to the candidates who best meet the qualifications required by the job;
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment based on the principle of diversity and inclusiveness, with no discrimination based on gender, religion, sect, race, marital status, political opinion, disability status, social class, philosophical belief, or for any other reason, whether apparent or otherwise. We consider diversity to be an asset;
  • Adopt a “Continuous Improvement” culture and support the professional and personal development of our employees through training and continuous feedback;
  • Endeavor to prioritize our current employees in our growing organization to the maximum extent possible;
  • Act fairly, embrace diversity and make our evaluations according to objective criteria;
  • Recognize and encourage high performance; 
  • Invest in training and personal development;
  • Believe wholeheartedly in the motivation and loyalty of employees, and strive to increase such loyalties;
  • Care that all our leaders think and act like an HR leader at the same time. We strive to be a good “business partner” to them;
  • Attach importance to effective communication and cooperation within the organization by listening to our employees and trying to come up with solutions together;
  • Simplify our processes and seek to minimize the level of dependency of the works and processes on people to ensure corporate development;
  • Analyze and report data, and use the results as an “input” in our decision support systems.