Our Quality Policy

As a non-governmental organization, we carry out preventive and rehabilitative public health and advocacy activities in the struggle against addictions, adopting the following approaches:

(Strategic Management) We comply with all legal and other requirements, and implement a strategic management approach to achieve our goals in accordance with our mission and vision, ensuring the participation of our internal and external stakeholders.
(Participatory and Supportive Leadership) Through our leadership approach, we support our staff in becoming more knowledgeable, skilled, well-trained and adaptable, and recognize and appreciate their successes.
(Continuous Development) Based on our continuous development approach, we manage all our processes effectively and efficiently, and support them with technological developments, ensuring the continuous improvement of our quality management system.
(Providing Benefit) Our goal is to bring benefit and satisfaction to our target audience in our efforts to combat addiction.
(Business Continuity) We ensure the continuity of our business through a corporate risk management approach.
(Sustainability) Through our sustainability approach, we manage our assets and resources effectively and efficiently, and take the necessary measures to minimize their environmental impacts.

(Effective Stakeholder Management) Through our governance approach, we fulfill the applicable requirements in the struggle against addiction with the support of our stakeholders.  


The Turkish Green Crescent Society – a non-governmental organization that carries out preventive and rehabilitative public health and advocacy activities in the struggle against addiction – applies the TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in all of its processes, including its management and administrative organizational activities, and in the processes and services related to these activities carried out by the departments of Human Resources, Quality Management, Administrative Affairs, Financial and Accounting Affairs, Budget and Reporting, Information Technologies, Procurement, Strategic Communication, Brand Management, Event Management, International Cooperation, Scientific Studies,  Advocacy, Project and Program Development, Training Management,  Member and Volunteer, Stakeholder Relations, and Youth Services in the Green Crescent Headquarters.

Accordingly, the established system is applicable to our managers, employees and visitors, and is of particular concern to our neighbors and external suppliers, our stakeholders receiving services from Green Crescent, our volunteers and members, and official organizations and other institutions operating in similar fields.